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  Economics students are set to organisE THE EXPEDITION CONFERENCEA socio-academic conference designed with the aim of developing the leadership, Intellectual and entreprene

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Gianni Infantino wins FIFA presidency

Gianni Infantino has been declared winner of the FIFA presidency election. He won with an outright majority in the second round of voting.From the 207 national associations

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The University of Lagos has announced the expulsion of 57 students for various academic misconducts, the expulsion which is hinged on the backdrop of a number of academic misc

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Expedition Conference: Students tasked on soft skills, career building

The climax of discussion at this year's  "Expedition Conference" of Nigerian Economics Students' Association, University of Lagos (NESA, UNILAG) held last Thursday was the ne

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  INTRO You cannot be a good broadcaster if you are not a good scriptwriter. In the good old days, you dare not go on air without a script. Entertainment has spoil things

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The National Association of Nigerian Visually Impaired Students (NANVIS) played a novelty match at the indoor Sports Centre, University of Lagos to strengthen ties within its

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I was working and schooling, says UNILAG record breaking graduate

Ayodele Daniel Dada, the University of Lagos graduate who broke records by scoring a perfect CGPA of 5.0 has revealed  that he did not have a girlfriend while in school. In

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Buhari appoints Tolu Ogunlesi as Media Aide

President Muhmmadu Buhari has appointed journalist and renowned blogger, Tolu Ogunlesi as the head of the digital media team for his government. This appointment was an

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How far will they go? Microsoft builds underwater data center.

Microsoft recently built a prototype underwater server. The research team hopes underwater servers could be more energy efficient and provide faster data speeds to end users

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UNILAG Students set up foundation, Take campaign to schools

As part of efforts at providing training and mentorship for the youths in the country, a group of students at the University of Lagos, UNILAG has set programmes in motion to c

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For All UNILAG Freshmen

I say congratulations on your successful admission into the University of First Choice and the Nation's pride - University of Lagos. It's not a joke to gain admission into th

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A student, Mr Ayodele Dada, from the department of phycology, faculty of social sciences is to convocate on tuesday 1st of march with a CGPA of 5.0, first of its kind in the h

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Inability of the Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, (UNILAG) Prof. Ramon Bello to address the apparently aggrieved students provoked a protest that lasted for three d

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Dirty Politics in UNILAG - ULSU Gen Sec speaks out

The general secretary of the suspended university of Lagos students union Hon. Comr. Emmanuel Afolabi *(#AFOO)* writes to speak against the kind of politics that is played b

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Proceeding the strike by the university of Lagos student union, The school Authority has asked students to leave the school before 10am on friday, this message was passed thro

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Osoba harps on community media, improved remuneration for journalists

A former governor of Ogun state, Chief Olusegun Osoba has called for the establishment of more media organisations in a bid to meet the information needs of people in the

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Moremi hall walks against rape

The much anticipated Moremi walk against rape and sexual harrasment tagged "silence is not golden" held today 1st April, the walk began at exactly 9:50 a.m with students of Mo

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UNILAG PROTEST: Management, Student Leaders Trade Blame

  - “ULSU has always had access to the VC -Management - “Allegations of the Management are ‘Laughable’-ULSU   .UNILAG Gate The dust raised by the protest whi

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In their bid to contribute to online news reportage across the Nigerian campuses, a team mass communication students of the University of Lagos, UNILAG has launched a campus n

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 17:58 DAVID CHIBUEZE
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They all said it wasn't that bad. Afterall  all i had to do was lay down on my back for a few minutes and it would be over... I couldn't bear the shame that came with poverty, i must make it some how, anyhow.
Nobody warned me about VVF. Nobody told me about the disease that could destroy a girl's future. I only did it in acknowledgement of my family's sufferings.  Papa died when i was five and mama was immediately betrothed to his younger brother. We lost mama to the cruel hands of death when i was twelve. They didn't tell me what to do, how to handle my six younger ones, they didn't leave a dime behind, not even a goodbye. Papa's younger brother left with his other wives to the city immediately after mama's burial. 
We could barely afford my school fees when mama was alive. I was the only one that attended primary school, even with that it was one term in, two terms out but at least i could read and write.
And that's how my parents left with nothing to their name. Nothing to keep the family going after disaster struck. I wept. I panicked. I begged. Nobody was ready to help. They all said "all will be well in the end, haliza". But was this ever going to end? My 9month old brother fell sick all of a sudden. What next? There was no money for hospital bills, i couldn't even afford the herbs. He died.
In this same squalor and poverty, the two others aged 2 and 3 also died of malnutrition (kwashiokor)... Hmmmm. I couldn't sit still anymore. There had to be a way out. Some way, anyway. That's when i met Alhaji.
I met Alhaji Mustapha 6months after mama died and 3months after the simultaneous death of my 3 youngest ones. 
I was begging as usual by the roadside. I had moved from street to street and had barely realised 100 Naira. I was tired, famished and frustrated. Then i saw this black jeep coming towards my side of the road, i ran out of fear, thinking it was one of those policemen who chased beggars off the streets.  The car came after me and honked. I stopped out of fear. The driver came down and asked me to come in, Alhaji wanted to talk to me. Who is Alhaji? I wondered. I went in anyways, a beggar has no choice. Maybe he wanted to help. 
The car had sleek, leathery seats, so beautiful! I was awed by the beauty, i didn't even notice the man in Dansiki and cap till he cleared his throat.
"uh..uh...fine girl" he said "I've been watching you for a while now. i was told you lost your parents and you're now taking care of your siblings... Hmmmm... Let me help you out". 
I felt so much relief at the sound of the word 'help'. I didn't even bother to ask him how or why... I didn't need to anyway, he told me upfront. He said "I'll like to make you my small wife. Arrangements will be made immediately" and that was it. I told him "No!" and was about to jump down when i heard his sarcastic laughter. He said my siblings and I will die of poverty if i don't do this. He gave me his card and address. 
I got down anyways but i couldn't get our little discussion out of my mind.
This was the first person that tried to help, apart from our neighbors and my friends.
When i got home that evening i told Hadiza, my 11year old sister what Happened. She was frightened. She cried. I cried too. But what can tears do? 
I couldn't sleep that night. I rolled and rolled and begged sleep to come but no it didn't. By Dawn i had made up my mind. I was going to marry Alhaji. That's the only way to protect and provide for my siblings. It would be selfish of me to hold back and let them suffer.. 
I went to Alhaji's office that afternoon. In my tattered clothes. I gave him my consent and he told me to get myself ready, his boys were coming to pick me up the next day. He'll get my siblings a comfortable accommodation beside his house and we'll conduct the ceremony the next week..
I told the neighbors and they advised me to tolerate him in bed and be obedient. I was a young girl that suddenly took on the form of a woman. I wondered how Alhaji would be interested in my small body and bare chest.
Now,  one year after. I'm In a nursing home. My siblings visit me every Saturday. Alhaji has traveled out. I was diagnosed with Vaginal Fistula. I stink. I can't hold urine or faeces. i mess the whole place. I live on a tube. I carry it everywhere. I didn't get a chance to grow. I don't know how much time i have left.
written by Fajingbesi Folakemi
From TheInspiredHouse
Last Updated ( Friday, 03 June 2016 04:55 )

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